Created for the We The Voters short film series.



Ever since they signed the constitution
We have been in need of a solution
What's the role our government should play?
We're arguing the same question today
Cause when I think the Man is helping me
Others think it looks like tyranny
Oh, regulation

It's there for
Vaccination (tion)
Education (tion)
Immigration (tion)
Dairy Pasteurization (tion)
Minimum Wage and Minimum Age for
Buying libation (tion)
Seatbelt wearing, caring bout
Nature Preservation (tion)
It's that Regulation
Oh, Rules & Protections

I pull myself up by the bootstraps every single day
So I don't need a nanny to make sure that I'm ok
The feds should not be swaying my choice of guns for playing
But if tapping phones stops terrorists let them hear what I am saying
I don't need labels telling me food's genetically modified
But if I'm in a public bathroom I only want other men inside
And down with all this porn that just degrades my marriage bed
But keep the feces out my beef so I can be well fed

More laws for
Fishing Limits (its)
Concert Tickets (its)
Ice Cream Temperatures and Advertising Gimmicks (icks)
Content and Location of Women's Health Clinics (ics)
Pumpkin Vending, Money Lending and Blended Fabrics (ics)
It's that Regulation
Oh, Rules & Protections

Pardon my injecting
But don't citizens need protecting
From themselves and other people?
The laissez-faire should stop objecting!
We've got to have that tax
On fossil fuels and ban trans fats
Cause scientists knows best about
your health and that's a fact
Anyone should be able to fall in love and then get hitched
But exotic pet owners are a problem government should fix
We don't want no religion interfering with our schools
But the way these cops are running around it's clear they need more rules

Food Label information (tion)
Horse Stable population (tion)
Collecting Pensions not to mention Drunk Driving Prevention
Water Irrigation (tion)
Charity Donation (tion)
Designing all new buildings for Earthquake Preparation (tion)
It's that Regulation
Rules & Protections

It’s high time we have a Conversation
On rules we’re using for our Preservation
Everyone believes their own Position
Even with their many Contradictions.
The US with its mixed up population
Can’t survive without some Regulations
Lots of people shout till they turn blue
let's all calm down and try to think it through


released October 17, 2016
Lyrics and music by Nikhil P. Yerawadekar, (ASCAP) produced by Nikhil P. Yerawadekar

Nikhil P. Yerawadekar - vocals, guitar
Marcus Farrar - vocals, shekere
Chauncey Yearwood - vocals, congas
Omar Little - trumpet, keyboards
Pavel Kogan-Liakhov - guitar
Justin Kimmel - bass
Kevin Raczka - drums

Recorded and mixed by Jim Bertini
Mastered by Kevin Blackler

©2016 Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality



all rights reserved


Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality New York

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Nikhil P. Yerawadekar (Antibalas, Hailu Mergia) represents the diversity of Queens, NY as well as his years of performing eclectic music worldwide with his new project Low Mentality. The band’s debut album Everything Lasts Forever transcends genre, weaving between countless styles and flavors to create a funky, personal and timeless experience. ... more

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